Mortal Heroes

Mortal Heroes

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Mortal Heroes
  • Easy accessibility: Mortal Heroes can be played online, making it easily accessible for players to enjoy the game without the need for physical cards or a partner
  • Improves strategic thinking: Mortal Heroes requires players to think strategically and plan their moves carefully. It helps in developing critical thinking skills and improving decision-making abilities
  • Social interaction: Online Mortal Heroes allows players to compete against real opponents from around the world, enhancing social interaction and creating a sense of community among players
  • Convenience: Unlike physical card games, online Mortal Heroes can be played at any time and from anywhere, making it convenient for players to enjoy the game whenever they want
  • Dependence on internet connection: Playing Mortal Heroes online requires a stable internet connection. Poor connectivity can disrupt the game and cause inconvenience
  • Lack of physical interaction: Online Mortal Heroes lacks the physical interaction that comes with playing a card game in person. This may reduce the overall enjoyment for some players
  • Cheating risks: Online games are susceptible to cheating, as players can use computer programs or other techniques to gain an unfair advantage. This can diminish the authenticity and fairness of the game
Mortal Heroes

About the project

“Heroes” – isometric strategy in fantasy style, with elements of MMO and turn-based battles. The game uses the author’s system of battles and character upgrades. Single-player and multiplayer modes are available to users. The main feature of the game is the story, which sets strategic goals for the player, motivating him to concentrate not only on pumping the castle and the hero.

Technical description

  • Genre: Isometric strategy with turn-based combat
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Format: Mobile strategy
  • Localization: Russian
  • Game Mode: Single-player, multiplayer (in the future)
  • Style: Fantasy
  • Platform: iOS, Android

What tasks were set at the start of the project?
Development of a modern mobile game at the intersection of two genres – MMO RPG and turn-based strategy.

What was the most difficult part of the project?
Development of a flexible project management system through the administrative panel. The customer wanted to be able to make the widest possible changes to the game without involving developers – add new items, new abilities, new heroes. It was also planned to introduce new mechanics and entities into the gameplay if necessary. To solve the tasks we set up a functional, intuitive administration system.

What are the peculiarities of mobile game development?
Despite the possibility of multiplayer play, the emphasis in development was on single-player storytelling. We tried to make our project different from the competitors’ projects. In “Heroes” the player doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on farming resources and leveling up the character. Gameplay consists more of completing interesting tasks and exploring the world around you.

Combat system

The turn-based combat system developed by gameplay designers gives the player the opportunity to place heroes on the battlefield before the battle and thus prepare your strategy for implementation. During the battle, the player can attack, defend or use magic, as well as move around the battlefield.


  • Realistic actions and reactions
  • Combination of different mechanics
  • Primacy of strategy over the level of pumping.

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Mortal Heroes
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