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  • Convenience: Online backgammon allows players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection
  • Accessibility: Unlike physical backgammon boards that require a physical space, online backgammon can be played on any computer or mobile device
  • Variety of opponents: Online backgammon provides players with the opportunity to compete against a wide range of opponents from different skill levels and backgrounds
  • Practice and improvement: Playing online backgammon allows players to practice and improve their skills by playing against challenging opponents
  • Lack of physical interaction: Online backgammon lacks the social and physical interaction that can be experienced with a physical board game. Players miss out on the personal connection and the joy of rolling actual dice
  • heating: While most online platforms have measures to prevent cheating, there is still a possibility for players to use online tools or software to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Technical issues: Like any other online game, backgammon can be affected by technical issues such as slow internet connection, server downtime, or glitches that may disrupt the gameplay experience
backgammon online game

Description of the online game Backgammon

Backgammon is played by two people. For the game is used:

  • a special board – a field divided into two halves, with 24 triangles (points) of two colors and six holes for chips on each short side;
  • chips (checkers) of different colors (usually white and black) – 30 pieces (15 for each player);
  • dice (dice, zary) which have points on the edge to determine the number of points to move the position of the chip (from 1 to 6) – 2 pieces.

In the game of betting can also be used an additional cube (doubling cube) in the case of increasing stakes (on the edges are printed numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64).

The aim of the game: by throwing the dice and moving the chips to pass a full circle on the board, returning to his half (house) and the first to remove all his chips outside the field (yard). Unlike other intellectual games, the increased interest in Backgammon is constantly supported by the fact that each player’s move depends not only on the situation on the field, but also on the value of the numbers on the dice.

Features of the game

There are many varieties of backgammon game, differing in completely different ways of making moves, initial position of chips (head), rules of moves, bets, which is due to a very long history of the game and spread over a large territory of different peoples and countries. At the same time, long and short backgammon are considered to be the most popular. The rules of long backgammon were formed to a greater extent in the East and Central Asia, have a longer duration, differing and greater complexity, and short backgammon borrowed the rules of Western countries.

What kind of game will be more preferable for you will become clear after playing Backgammon online. Having started the game you will be able to check your strength and capabilities, feel the dynamics and apply the strategy, make your choice, and, perhaps, not having defined it at once. You may like both variants of backgammon, because they have a lot in common: inventory (standard board and an equal number of chips, their house and yard), the same goal – to go around the playing field and remove them from the board, while they differ from each other:

  1. the initial arrangement of chips – in the long ones they are arranged in one row on the right side of the field, in the short ones – two chips in the twenty-fourth point, five in the thirteenth, three chips in the eighth point and five in the sixth point
  2. direction of movement – in long chips move in the same direction, in short – in different directions (one player moves clockwise, the second counterclockwise)
  3. method of moves – in long chips must first be “removed from the head”, in short ones you can make a move with any of your chips
  4. in long ones you can not put a chip, if on this value (triangle) is an opponent’s chip, in short ones – if there are more than two opponent’s chips in the cell, it is blocked.
  5. in long ones you can “lock” the opponent’s chip, i.e. if in front of your chip are 6 pieces in a row, you can not make a move, regardless of the dropped result on the zarah.

Learn the rules, choose your game and join the interesting, numerous community of fans of the beautiful, fascinating and exciting game Backgammon online!


At the beginning, the dice are thrown (one at a time) to determine the right of the first move: whoever has a larger number on the dice makes the first move. If the dice have equal values, they are thrown again.

In long backgammon the first move is determined by one more throw of the zar. In short backgammon the first move is determined by the value of the Zara thrown for the draw.

Almost all games have conventions and terms that are specific to a particular game. To play Backgammon online we use the terms necessary to understand the positions on the field, communication between players in the “language of the game”:

  • head – the initial position of the chips on the playing field in long backgammon
  • head move – the first move from the initial position
  • blot – a cell (point) occupied by only one chip
  • house – the last six cells of the game board (for each player it is different), where the chips are moved to then throw them off the board.
  • yard – cells from seventh to twelfth (for the opponent other (12 to 24) are divided similarly) – the middle part of the board adjacent to the “house”
  • bar – a dividing strip of the game board, where knocked down chips are placed (in a short game)
  • bet – amount of winnings (size)
  • anchor – cell (point), which is occupied by several checkers
  • double – the same value on the checkers when throwing
  • match – number of games determined by players
  • dave cube – an offer (before the zar roll) to accept a doubling or surrender
  • beaver – successful (seconded by Davé)
  • coke – a loss when the loser has chips left, including those on the bar or in someone else’s house
  • Mars – a significant loss (when the loser has not had time to remove any chips from the field).



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