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  • Easy accessibility: Debertz can be played online, making it easily accessible for players to enjoy the game without the need for physical cards or a partner
  • Improves strategic thinking: Debertz requires players to think strategically and plan their moves carefully. It helps in developing critical thinking skills and improving decision-making abilities
  • Social interaction: Online Debertz allows players to compete against real opponents from around the world, enhancing social interaction and creating a sense of community among players
  • Convenience: Unlike physical card games, online Debertz can be played at any time and from anywhere, making it convenient for players to enjoy the game whenever they want
  • Dependence on internet connection: Playing Debertz online requires a stable internet connection. Poor connectivity can disrupt the game and cause inconvenience
  • Lack of physical interaction: Online Debertz lacks the physical interaction that comes with playing a card game in person. This may reduce the overall enjoyment for some players
  • Cheating risks: Online games are susceptible to cheating, as players can use computer programs or other techniques to gain an unfair advantage. This can diminish the authenticity and fairness of the game

Description of the online game Debertz

In Deberts play two, three or four, for which is used the usual 36 card deck, which is withdrawn sixes, ie remain 32 cards of four suits, where seniority is determined by different, which is a feature of the game:

  • for non trump suit order of cards and their face value when calculating points (points) for bribes is as follows: seven, eight, nine – value zero, jack – 2 points, queen – 3, king – 4, ten – 10, ace – 11 points
  • for trump suit order and face value of cards when counting bribes is different, distributed by seniority (number of points), here seven, eight points do not bring points, then comes the queen with 3 points, the king will bring 4 points, ten – 10, ace – 11, nine – 14, jack is the most expensive – 20 points.

When summing up the points the player is added points also for combinations, which are played in the course of the game, and there is also a prize for the last bribe – the last – 10 points.

To understand the use of combinations, it is necessary to first consider their meaning and evaluation in scoring:

  • terz – when there are three cards of the same suit of consecutive value in hand, it is evaluated in 20 points (if it is not one, their evaluation is the same, i.e. if it is two terz, it is 40 points)
  • berts (fifty, deberts) – four cards of the same suit of consecutive value, will add 50 points
  • bella – union of trump queen and king, adds 20 points.

When determining tertz and debertz, the usual sequence of cards standing one after another is considered, not provided by the rules on the value of points, and the same card can not “participate” in different combinations, except for the cards that make up the combination “bella”.

It is worth saying that Debertz has different variations: Moscow, Kharkov, Debertz in one blow and others, but the basic rules we consider the most often demanded and played – the Moscow variant.

The aim of the game – by taking bribes and playing combinations to gain the fastest number of points necessary to win, the total amount of which is determined by agreement in the beginning, most often it is 301 (short Deberts) or 501 (long Deberts) points, there may also be variants when the maximum number of points to win – 101 or 1001, and only one player can win.


Before the game the players agree on various arrangements, such as “obligations”, i.e. the obligation to order the game to the dealer, in case all the others spasovali, which already determines the trade and the course of the game in a different way. Points are recorded by simply marking the number of players and entering the sum of the points for bribes and combinations.

The game begins with the distribution of cards clockwise and three at a time, in two circles, in the end – each of 6 cards, and the next in order after the distribution is laid out card, appointed trump, leaving it with an unreleased part of the deck.

Evaluating the received cards, the player makes a choice: if the cards came encouraging for possibly winning positions, the decision to play is made, which implies agreement to be a point guard with the available trump, if not, the player passes and then the opponent to his left makes a bid. The bidding ends if any of the players has declared a game.

In case if all declare “pass”-trading starts the second round, when a player either declares a new trump, and then trading stops, or passes again. If two (most often, but can be three or four, depending on the type of game) rounds in a row players pass, then the cards are resold (in the case if the game is accepted without “obligations”).

If the trade ends – the players are dealt: if playing with four – two cards each, if less – three, then in turn (the first one is made by the player to the left of the point guard) they announce the combinations and, if several participants have them at once, and only one combination and one can be counted, they choose the senior of them, the rest are not counted.

Formed rules of precedence in combinations:

any tertz will always be higher than any terz, which means that if one of the players has a tertz in his hand, he will win, regardless of the number of terz in the hands of the other player.
equality of combinations implies that the senior combination with the same cards will win, for example, the combination of queen, king and ace will be counted if there is a comparison with the combination of queen, king and jack.
if the combinations of cards are the same, the combination with trumps has seniority.
in case of equality of non-trump combinations, the advantage will remain with the first to the left of the point guard.
the combination with cards of higher value is counted, regardless of the number of terces of the other player.
It should be said about the bottom card of the deck – “opening” (“cutter”) – it does not participate in the game, but in a game of two or three, in the case if one of the players in hand has a trump seven – he can replace it with “opening”, but this rule can be used only until the first move.

In the course of draws each participant tries to take as many bribes as possible, and at the end the value of all bribes is summarized, bonuses for combinations that are played in the course of the game are added, and also there is a prize for the last bribe – the last one. If the point guard has fewer points on the total than one of his opponents, his points go to that opponent.

The most popular conventions of debertsa – Moscow and Kharkov, differing between themselves by the ratio of combinations with trump or without trump, there are other variations of the game, but they all involve the excitement of waiting, hope, a share of risk and thirst for winning.

This game fascinates and keeps you in suspense, involves the potential of mathematical ability and excites the probability of luck! Only by participating in the solution of immediate problems, concentrating attention and striving to win, you with drive will pass the way from learning the rules of the game to the mastery of winning games!

Play, feel the taste of overcoming, strategy, luck and victory in the game Deberts online!



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