ISS crews with Belarusian women began training on the simulator of the Soyuz MS spacecraft
Natalia Yachmennikova
The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center has started practical training on the simulator of the Soyuz MS spacecraft for the crews of the next expedition to the ISS. The teams – the main and backup – are composed of the representatives of Belarus.


As told in “Roscosmos”, during the first training, cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky and spaceflight participant Marina Vasilevskaya practiced the regular program of the ship’s flight to the station on a two-turn scheme. These are the members of the main crew. The same four-hour training session was held for understudies – cosmonaut Ivan Wagner and Anastasia Lenkova. Then the crews performed the standard operation – undocking of the spacecraft with the station. The routine descent mode was successfully practiced.

All actions were practiced in spacesuits “Sokol-KV2”. This spacesuit is designed to ensure the life and performance of the crew members of the Soyuz MS during the most dangerous parts of the flight: ejection, docking, undocking, re-docking, descent.

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The crew member from Belarus on the manned spacecraft is responsible for providing his life and the crew, working with breathing ventilation and oxygen supplied to the spacesuit, as well as performing other actions at the command of the commander. As Marina Vasilevskaya noted, training on the simulator allows to get the necessary practical skills. “I am very much looking forward to the next training session,” Marina admitted.

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